Babbling with the Babies

The first year of a child’s life marks the most significant growth and development in all life. Our baby classroom supports that development in both the clean and cozy environment and in the nurturing and responsive care that the teachers provide to each baby. Our experienced, loving teachers establish trusting relationships with each baby and provide the sense of security that babies need to begin to discover the world around them. Our classroom provides the delicate balance that babies need – stimulation with bright sunny colors and calm with soft, soothing music. Low opens shelves perfect for learning to pull up on and cruise around are stocked with interesting toys to explore. A soft woven rug defines an inviting reading area with colorful board books. Babies use their own internal clocks to regulate their schedules with teachers providing warm bottles for hungry tummies and a deep glider to rock a sleepy baby at nap time. Our commitment to nutrition begins right from the beginnings  we make all our own homemade baby food from fresh, seasonal produce. While we support breast-feeding mommies (breast is best for baby) we also provide a choice of three different varieties for formula-fed babies (yes, we provide both formula and baby food for all of our babies… at no additional cost). Babies in our baby room learn to sit up and crawl, to try new foods and drink from a sippy cup, to turn the pages of a book and eventually to walk, but most of all, they learn that they are loved.


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