A Peek into Preschool

The social dance of three year olds is unmatched by other age. “You’re my friend, you’re not my friend” are common phrases in the preschool room, often heard within a moment of each other. At this critical period for social relationships, when play turns from parallel to cooperative, preschool age children are at a prime development level for moral development. When they begin to understand the value of friends, they can also understand what it means to BE a friend. Our developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum includes not only a strong but play-based introduction to academic concepts (alphabetic principle, phonetic awareness, early mathematics, and life and earth sciences) but also a moral component that introduces children to concepts like honesty and respect. Lessons are fun and the children experience a balance of both child-directed play experiences where they can practice their social dances and teacher-directed, objective-based learning experiences taught by educated teachers in small groups. Art activities continue to focus on process and experimenting with a variety of materials, mediums, and textures. Daily music time includes a unique, language building movement curriculum. A huge dramatic play center changes weekly, and encourages preschoolers to engage in unique imaginative, role-play experiences like Dentist’s office, grocery store, picnic, and vacation just to name a few. The room is filled with bright colors, interesting photographs, and dozens of theme-related books (rhyming, non-fiction, ABC, picture, books on tape…) enveloping preschoolers in an enriching, inspiring environment ripe for learning.


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