Private Pre-K

Popping into Private Pre-K

Literacy is the name of the game in our Private Pre-K. We have designed the ideal setting for a small group of children to engage in unique and skill building experiences that will prepare them for a life-long love of learning, reading, and writing. Children move about the room individually and in small groups, as their knowledgeable teacher guides play experiences and helps make them more meaningful. Each morning the children gather on the cozy rug to participate in Large Group Circle Time offering routine learning activities including calendar math (rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, patterning and predicting), weather (physical science, math charting, and predicting), classroom jobs (responsibility and turn taking), and a theme book that begins the day’s concept based discussion. Before the children leave the rug, their teacher helps them to make a plan for the day’s work (a child’s work is play) which they later discuss and review when they finish their work. Their teacher records each day’s planning and reviews to share with parents at the end of the day. Dinnertime conversation takes on a whole new scope when parents are connected to real activities their child did that day. Instead of asking, “What did you do at school today?” and hearing “I played”, parents can instead ask, “I saw that you worked in the science center with the magnets today.” During their center work time, children  work” in well stocked learning centers with a wide variety of educational materials specially selected to teach specific concepts and skills like visual discrimination and sequencing for instance. The walls are adorned with cheerful paintings, concept webs, story charts, and dozens of words creating a print rich classroom where the children’s natural curiosity is ignited and they are encouraged to ask questions and probe for answers.


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