A Toot from the Toddlers

“I can do it!” can be heard again and again as our toddlers develop a strong sense of self-confidence and emergent self-regulation. Our toddlers are a busy bunch of little people with their own ideas and an amazingly increasing ability to express those ideas in newly acquired words. Our patient, energetic teachers help toddlers to identify their emotions and ideas and put them into words, supporting their sense of both capability and independence in rapidly developing skills. Songs, rhymes, chants and stories amaze and entertain the toddlers and teach both basic concepts like colors and days of the week, while laying the first pathways for literacy.

Toddlers spend their days learning not only to regulate their emotions but also their bodies in that crucial stage of toilet learning. Self helps skills that go hand in hand with toilet learning can be found in all areas of our toddler classroom – blocks that fit together with the same snaps as a pair of jeans, zippers on dress up clothes in the dramatic play center, potty books on the book shelf in the reading area. We understand the significance of this time in a toddler’s life (and in Mommy and Daddy’s life too) and lend experience, patience, and gentle support though the entire process.


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