Wobbly Walkers

What’s up with the Wobbly Walkers?

One year olds experience life with their whole bodies. Everything they do, they do physically. They push, pull, climb, walk, run, sit, eat, and play with a new and constantly developing confidence in their bodies. Our Wobbly Walker room is designed with just that in mind. A nursery gym complete with stairs and slide encourages a safe and challenging place to practice these new skills. Our knowledgeable teachers encourage active learning and participation in fun and inviting learning activities. A predictable daily routine encourages cognitive development and security in knowing what comes next. The Wobblies’ reading area is stocked with sturdy board book, a community bench, puppets, and a hug floor pillow for these “active” readers. Colorful puzzles with large knobs, chubby handled paint brushes and large sheets of paper are perfect for little fingers and budding motor coordination. Stacking large, lightweight blocks, children practice and refine their physical skills and learn basic concepts like colors, shapes and size comparisons.  Family style meal time is always an adventure with our Wobbly Walkers – but well worth the mess when they taste new foods like fresh pineapple and roasted carrots, and learn to self-feed with miniature utensils.


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